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December, 2004

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Morphinae: achilles group

Morphinae: adonis males(blue) and females (brown and white)(4), zephyritis

Morphinae: aega males (blue) and females (orange)

Morphinae: didius, godarti, menelaus(4)

Morphinae: anaxibia

Morphinae: catenarius, laertes, polyphemus(?)

Morphinae: cisseus, hecuba

Morphinae: eugenia (left photo) and aurora (right photo)

Morphinae: peleides group

Morphinae: 3 very nice specimens of Morpho peleides, unusual forms from Costa Rica

Morphinae: rhetenor group

Morphinae: amphitron, unid(3), unid(1)

Morphinae: portis(3), sulkowski(3)

Old world Morphonae (formerly called Amathusinae): various specimens

Old world Morphonae (formerly called Amathusinae): Top two photos are of two species in the genus Morphopsis; the 2nd and 3rd rows contain several species the Stichophthalma genus.

Brassolinae: A bunch of drawers of various species. Time was running out so these pictures were shot through the glass - hopefully better images in the future!

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