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December, 2004
Click a thumbnail below to view the full-size image. Warning - some are HUGE!

Papilio indra fordi

Papilio indra martini

Papilio indra panamintensis

Papilio indra phyllisae

Papilio indra pygmaeus (and other subspecies) Note: many of the specimens in this section are mixed-up somewhat, and represent several indra subspecies. Exact identification will have to wait for a future visit to the museum in order to verify each specimen. Thanks to Wayne Whaley for his assistance in pointing-out the mix-up :-)

Papilio indra kaibabensis

Papilio indra minori

Papilio indra nevadensis

Papilio indra pergamus

Papilio indra indra

Papilio joanae

Papilio polyxenes coloro

Papilio zelicaon nitra

Papilio machaon bairdii

A very packed drawer of Papilio polyxenes asterius

Papilio zelicaon abberations

Papilio polyxenes x zelicaon hybrids

Papilio brevicauda

Papilio machaon subspecies

Papilio oregonius

Papilio glaucus (abberation) and multicaudata

Papilio ulysses, and ulysses gabrielis

Papilionidae: various tropical species

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