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Sonoran Blue [Philotes sonorensis] Adult Insect Images

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Here are some nice high-resolution images of specimens from the SCV collection...

This female emerged on 3-21-2006. Unfortunately, there was a defect in the pupal case which translated to a deformity of one forewing...

On 3-22-2006 I caught this male near Bear Divide Ranger Station. He was brought home and placed into a container with the fresh female (see above) in hopes of a mating. Both were fed and kept in warm enclosure but mating never took place and both died of "old age" a week later.

On 4-07-2006 I caught another male near Bear Divide Ranger Station. His wing was damaged so I reached into the net to take him out for release. He hopped onto my hand and I managed to get a number of pictures before he flew away.

On 5-1-2006, I caught a somewhat worn female near Bear Divide. I brought her home and placed her into a small enclosure with host plant and some honey-water for food, in hopes that she had a few ova left. She wasn't too interested in feeding (which is unusual) and concentrated on ovipositing on the Dudleya lanceolata host. She managed 9 ova before finally expiring the following day.

On 05-12-05, this Sonoran Blue male was photographed on Piute Mountain Road (Kern Co., CA).

Some low-res pics from the SCV collection

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