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Behr's Metalmark [Apodemia mormo virguilti] Adult Butterfly Images

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Here is a very nice music video featuring a live Metalmark nectaring. Video was shot and produced by Clark Thompson, and is hosted in's videos section.


This fat female was photographed on 4-19-2006 near Phelan, CA. She was so heavy she could bearly stay airborn for short flights. I managed to get a few shots of her before she lumbered away.

Images of a Mormon Metalmark at Mt. Frazier summit, August 25, 2005.

On 6-3-2005 near Bear Divide ranger station, this slighty worn female was found resting on a Buckwheat blossom cluster...

New hi-res images from the SCV collection. Note the variation between these specimens as they were collected from all over southern California...

Older specimen images

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