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Lorquin's Admiral [Limenitis lorquini] Adult Insect Images

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Here are some images of a freshly-emerged, lab-raised male on 7-3-2006.

Freshly emerged adults are fairly docile, and can be placed onto various perches for photos. They are especially interested in bright/warm light sources, probably to boost their body temperature and speed the drying of the fluid used to expand their wings. This pair emerged on 7-5-2006.

The differences in wing pattern between male and female are subtle. Both female(left) and male(right) are shown side-by side, recto and verso for comparison. Both are also shown in one frame to illustrate their size in relation to each other - the female is the top butterfly.

These pics were shot on 4-9-2004 in Bouquet Canyon.

These are two nice shots of a Lorquin's Admiral, taken on 5-7-05 in the Upper Kern Canyon.

Images of specimens from the SCV collection.

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