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Desert Black Swallowtail [Papilio poyxenes coloro] Adult Insect Images

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While not a resident SCV species, Desert Black Swallowtails (formerly called "Rudkin's Swallowtail" or "Papilio rudkini" ) occasionally wander into our area from the East in years when Santa Ana winds follow heavy summer desert rainfall. The last large invasion of these swallowtails in Santa Clarita occured in September of 1984. The more common yellow form closely resembles P. zelicaon while the dark form looks similar to P. bairdii and P. indra.

These are images of coloro specimens from the SCV collection. They were captured as adults and larvae in the Dead Mountains, near the Nevada border.

A freshly emerged adult male form "Clarki", on 4-19-2005

On 4-27-2005, this female form "clarki" emerged and I was able to capture a few nice hi-res images...

A freshly emerged female feeding on a honey-water solution. 4-25-2005

The Desert Black Swallowtail (P. polyxenes coloro) image was shot by Kim Davis and Mike Strangeland on Hooper Hill, near Bodfish, CA on 5-15-05.

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