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Ceanothus Silk Moth [Hyalophora euryalus] Adult Insect Images

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These specimens were captured in April 2006. Note the variation in iwng pattern and coloration. The last image shows two males side-by-side, revealing a large degree of color difference in addition to the pattern variations, typical for this species.

This male came to a 175w mercury vapor light in Pearblossom, 3-17-2005.

These images show a pair of mating euryalus. The female was one of last year's lab-raised brood and was a bit small as euryalus go. After emerging she scented for several days and laid a number of infertile eggs before a male was finally caught in Bouquet Canyon. She was very weak but the male was quite frisky. Still, after 2 days in the same cage together, they had not managed to mate so I finally attempted to hand-pair them. After several tries they finally remained together. They stayed that way until the following morning when moving the cage caused them to seperate. That night she began egg laying. 54 eggs were laid, total, from 3-13-2005 to 3-17-2005. On 3-28-2005 they began to hatch, confirming a successful mating.

Here are some pictures of a live male caught in Bouquet Canyon, April 2004.

These are new hi-res images of an adult male, upper and undersides. 4-11-2005

Some shots of old specimens, one found under a street light in Canyon Country in the early 1980's, and the other under similar conditions in Placerita Canyon...

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