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unknown [Gloveria arizonensis] Adult Insect Images

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Here is an interesting moth which appeared at the backdoor porch light in mid-August. It's large and doesn't fly very well - in fact it crashes to the ground regularly and is attracted to just about any kind of light. It looks somewhat like a Sphinx, and some types of of Saturniidae. However, it has been identified as one of the larger Lasiocampidae (Tent Caterpillar family) species, which is closely related to Saturniidae. These images were taken on 8-10-2005 after a very successful season of raising them. A male, female and two pairs are shown. The last image is of a mounted male (7-22-2005).

These are the original two images shot in August of 2004 when the first females were caught.

A couple of shots of a live female resting (hiding?) on my finger, 7-6-2005.

This is a scenting female in a small emerging cage, shortly after eclosure. 7-31-2005. Females turn on the scent in late afternoon and continue into the evening. This one was already scenting about 2 hours after eclosure.

Here is a mating pair in the small emerging cage. If males and females happen to emerge in the same afternoon, they don't waste any time getting down to business. In close confinement they'll mate any time from early afternoon to late evening, as soon as 30 minutes from the time they eclose. 7-22-2005

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