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Egg tray for freshly hatch larvae, aids access to host plant.

This little tray was folded from a piece of card paper and taped together to make a tray for holding very small lepidoptera eggs until they hatch. The tray is hung from a stem on a live or cut host plant, so that the new larvae only have to crawl a short distance to the host plant.

Using this method, larvae and host cuttings do not have to be manipulated or enclosed in a small sealed container when they first hatch. It works especially well if a live host is used since the tray and ova can be placed on the plant so that the larvae can hatch and begin feeding at their leisure.

An #7 insect pin is shown for scale. The ova/larvae shown are Papilio polyxenes coloro (average sized ova) but the tray can be used for smaller or largar ova.

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