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Butterfly and Moth Sites (Images, Data, References)

Bug Life Cycles - great rearing photos, links and info on butterflies, moths and other bugs!

NEW! - Dennis Walker's SoCal Butterflies site - beautiful Hi-Res images!

"BONA" Butterflies and Moths of North America (Replaces the USGS Site)

Kim 'n Mike on the Road - Great Lep images!

Huge collection of Lep-Links

Butterly/Moth specimen dealers

Insect Designs - Photo galleries, Specimens and more!

The Insect Company - includes sales, photo galleries and info.

Lepidoptera classifieds, equipment, organizations, etc. - Free classifieds, forums, photos, info, links. A great all-around site!

Bio-Quip - carries just about everything imaginable for the Lepidopterist.

Lep Traps - A good resource for UV/MV light and bait traps.

UV info - Everything you ever wanted to know about ultraviolet lights.

Wildlife habitats and butterfly gardening

Monarch Tribute - Backyard Habitat

Creating a Wildlife Habitat in Your Backyard.

Ava's Flowers - wildlife gardening page

USDA - wildlife gardening page

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