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Butterbredt Peak climb, June 10, 2005

Here it is - the type locality for P. indra phyllisae, Phyllis's indra swallowtail. The summit is 5997' and the adults (of course) like to fly around the top! The host plant is scattered all around the NE side of the summit on down to at least 500' below.

The hike begins at the base of the mountain, about 1300' below. There are multiple routes up - most are about the same difficulty. It's really a matter of preference. If one doesn't waste any time, the summit can be achieved in about an hour. Those of us who prefer to explore and collect on the way up (and down) make it in a little less than 2.

The view from the top is spectacular. 360 degrees of 100-200 mile visibility in most directions on a clear day.

The host plant is quite common and grows in and around rocky places and even right out in the open in some places.

Mature 5th instar larvae were present, but fairly scarce. This one was hiding in the foliage of the plant, its bold black and pinkish-cream bands providing surprisingly good camoflage.

Also present were P. polyxenes coloro larvae, on the same plants...

This adult indra was captured at the summit. Probably the last flying specimen of the season, it was pretty beat-up. It was photographed and released afterwards.

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