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Some of the images below have been contributed by other photographers, and are c copyright by their respective owners.
Those images have been posted here by permission. Thanks!

Special Sections

Aberrant, weird and unique specimens

Black Widow vs. Alligator Lizard!

Old Butterfly Company Catalogs 1970's-1980's

User-contributed images

Bostjan Dvorak Very nice Hi-Res images from Germany

Mark Lasko Eastern US and international Butterlifes and Moths

Pert Garraway Images of Living Butterflies from Texas

Sherry Skipper-Spergeon Images of living Butterflies from California

Beautiful photography by Kim Davis and Mike Strangeland

Unsorted photos Various images from recent trips

Collections and groups of butterflies and Moths from the SCV and pther areas.

Events and outings

05-18-2013 LANHM 27th annual Insect Fair photos

05-17-2008 LANHM 22nd annual Insect Fair photos!

04-04-2008 Hunting fordi in the Granite Mts. (event)

04-04-2008 Hunting fordi in the Granite Mts. (YouTube video)

L.A. Natural History Museum 21st annual Bug Fair videos 2007

L.A. Natural History Museum 20th annual Bug Fair photos 2006

L.A. Museum of Natural History - Photos of the Museum's Butterfly collection

Night collecting at Bouquet Canyon in February, 2005

Night collecting at Placerita Canyon in February, 2005

Dead Mountains trip March 6 & 7, 2005 Photos and text

Placerita Canyon Mercury Vapor collecting 6/14/2005

2005 road trip through the Sierras. Images of Specimens and terrain.

Butterbredt Peak June 10, 2005 Photos and text

Sawmill Mt. ridge and CG June 2005 Photos and text

Frazier Mt. moth baiting, Aug. 2005 Photos and text

Jawbone, Rock Corral, Granite Mountains 3/20/2005

Bio-Quip 2004 open house Photos

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