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Los Angeles Natural History Museum 20th Annual Bug Fair 5-20-2006

I finally managed to make it to one of these events, and although I only went the first day (it runs both days, Saturday and Sunday). I got to see a lot, visit with a number of fellow buggers, and even take a few pictures in the process... 5-20-2006

These are largely unsorted and text-less but should hopefully provide a taste of the sights and atmosphere of the event. Access to the rest of the Museum's exhibits are included with the $9 admission, but only the Bug Fair images are posted here.

These are shots of the crowds and spaces provided...

Here are a number of shots of the booths (tables) that the vendors set up. There were many, many specimens, books, trinkets - just about everything imaginable - on display and for sale...

Ahhh yes, there was Lepidoptera. Lots and lots of them. Everything from common California species, to worldwide species which are now protected or even extinct. The rare and protected species were from old collections, and were captured at a time before the top enemies of our world Leps (pollution and land development) reduced or exterminated their populations.

There were many other bugs to be found as well. Here a few of displays. Note the huge size of some of them!

Yes, there were some interesting sights...

I hope you enjoyed the tour! :-)

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