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The images below have been provided by and are copyright (c)2005 Kim Davis and Mike Strangeland. They have been posted here by permission :).

These images of an Acmon Blue male (left) and female (right) were taken 5-11-05 in upper Kern Canyon, near Kernville, CA.

A male and female Arrowhead Blue (two left images) and undersides (two right images) are pictured below. Taken 4-30-05 in Kelso Valley, CA.

These images of Boisduval's Blues were taken on 4-30-2005 in Kelso Valley, CA. A male (1,2) female (3,4) female ovipositing (5) and underside (6) are shown.

In Weldon, CA, these San Emigdio Blues - male (1) female (2) and underside (3) were taken on 4-21-2005. About a month later on 5-20-2005, images of a female (4,5) and female ovipositing (6) were shot in the same area.

In kelso Valley, photos of these Melissa Blues were taken on 4-30-2005 (1) and 5-2-2005 (2,3,4).

This male Silvery Blue was photographed on 4-23-2005 in Kelso Valley.

On 05-12-05, this Sonoran Blue male was photographed on Piute Mountain Road (Kern Co., CA).

A male Lupine Blue is pictured below. Kelso Valley, 5-12-2005.

The images below are of the Variable (Chalsedon) Checkerspot. As the name suggests, they vary widely in color and pattern. The first two images were shot on Chimney Peak Rd. in Kern Co., CA. on 5-4-2005. Note the heavy white coloring in the second photo.

The remaining images were shot in the Kern River Valley on 5-5-2005 and show a variety of Variable Checkerspots nectaring, resting, taking moisture from wet sand, and even mating.

This is a Dotted Blue, images taken 5-12-2005 in Kelso Valley.

These images of the Western Tiger Swallowtail were shot in upper Kern Canyon on 5-11-2005 (1) and 5-7-2005 (2,3,4).

This is a Cabbage White with close-up of head/eye, shot in Kelso Valley on 5-12-2005.

These images of the Common (California) Ringlet were taken on 5-20-2005 in upper Kern Canyon (1,2) and Weldon, CA (3,4).

The mating pair of Field Cresents (1,2) were shot on 4-27-2005 in Weldon, CA. The other two (3,4) were photographed on 5-11-2005 in the same area.

On 5-17-2005, these Leanira Checkerspots were photographed in the Greenhorn Mountains near Kernville, CA.

Below are pictured Purplish Coppers; a male (1) 4-23-05 Weldon, CA, a female (2) 5-07-05 Weldon, CA, and underside (3) 5-3-05 Kern River Valley. The 4th image shows a pair performing their pre-mating courtship dance on 5-07-05 in Weldon, CA.

These male Gorgon Coppers were photographed on 5-13-05 on Piute Mountain Road near Sageland, CA.

This is a Great Copper, on 5-19-2005 in Upper Kern Canyon.

These male Pale Swallowtails were all photographed on 5-8-2005 in the upper Kern River Canyon.

The Desert Black Swallowtail (P. polyxenes coloro) image was shot on Hooper Hill, near Bodfish, CA on 5-15-05.

These Anise Swallowtail imagess were shot on 5-1-2005 at Hooper Hill near Bodfish, CA.

These are two nice shots of a Lorquin's Admiral, taken on 5-7-05 in the Upper Kern Canyon.

A Brown Elfin, photographed 5-18-05 on Erskine Creek Road near Lake Isabella, CA.

A very nice shot of a Common Buckeye on 5-17-05, taken in the Greenhorn Mountains near Wofford Heights, CA.

This is a Davenport's Metalmark on Piute Mountain Rd., 2.7 miles west of Sageland, CA, on 5-12-05.

Desert Orangetips, photographed on Erskine Creek Road near Lake Isabella, CA on 5-1-04.

Two Desert Pearly Marbles, images shot on 4-22-05 in Kern Valley (left) and 5-02-05 in Kelso Valley (right).

This is an Edith's Checkerspot on 5-13-05 taken at Walker Pass.

A couple of shots of Milbert's Tortoiseshell, 4-27-05 in Weldon, CA (left) and 5-15-05 on Sherman Pass Road (right). Both in Kern Co., CA

Two images of Mylitta Cresents on 5-15-05 in Brush Creek Canyon.

3 images of Neumoegen's Sagebrush Checkerspot;
(1) 4-22-2005 in Kern Valley
(2) 4-22-2005 in Kelso Valley
(3) 4-30-2005 in Kelso Valley

An Orange Sulphur on 5-2-05 in Kelso Valley.

This is the Perplexing (Bramble) Hairstreak, images taken on 4-30-05 in Kelso Valley.

A West Coast Lady on 5-07-05 in Upper Kern River Canyon.

Alkali Skipper (Pseudocopaeodes eunus) female (first 4 images), and a male (last image). 4-22-05 Weldon, CA

Common Sootywing Skippers, photographed in Kelso Valley, CA. Left image: 4-30-2005, right image: 5-14-2005

Juba Skippers at Erskine Creek Road near Lake Isabella, CA on 5-14-2005 (first two images) and a mating pair at Bird Springs Pass on 5-13-2005.

Northern White Skippers, 5-14-2005 on Erskine Creek Road near lake Isaballa, CA.

Propertius Duskywing Skipper, 5-17-2005, Greenhorn Mountains, CA.

Rural Skippers (nemorum), 5-3-2005 Kern River Valley, CA.

Rural Skippers (verus), 5-2-2005, Erskine Creek Road near Lake Isabella, CA,

Sandhill Skippers, Kelso Valley CA. on 4-22-2005(first 3 images), 5-12-2005, (4th image), and 5-13-2005 (last image).

Yucca Giant Skippers, 4-22-2005, Kelso Valley, CA.

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