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SCV collection cases

SCV collection cases (spares)

Three shots of Papilio Bairdii (San Bernardino mts.), and a Papilio Indra Pergamus (San Diego)

These are Parnassius claudius ssp. from the Sierras. From left to right - A male, female, and then two shots of the female from below. Note the strange "growth" on end of her abdomen. The male actually "builds" this protective shield during/after mating to prevent other males from attempting to mate with her again later.

A trio of butterflies (Southern Dogface, Behr's Sulphur, and dainty Sulphur), A group of Falcate orange tips (Southeastern US), and a beautiful hi-res image of an ex-pupae Cecropia moth.

A couple of shots of specimens collected in the 2005 season.

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