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A few images of Rothschildia lebeau aroma (SE Arizona) male, female and underside of each; and Epiphora bauhiniae (Cameroon, Africa) upper and undersides.

Images of a Mormon Metalmark at Mt. Frazier, August 25, 2005 (first row). Two shots of a pair of blues taken at the summit, for ID (row 2). Finally, pictures of a Veined Blue, Bright Blue Copper, and a Marine Blue (all females) which were also captured at the summit.

Here are a few shots of Hyalophora gloveri larvae. Very similar to H. euryalus but notice the orange-red tubercles vs. the yellow of euryalus. 7-22-2005

An interesting orange moth which came to the MV light and sheet near Cactus Flat campground, San Bernardino Co. on 6-4-2005. The nearest genus/species appears to be Marmopteryx marmorata (Geometridae) - Any idea which species this orange one is?

A male Coloradia velda, Sphinx sequoia, and two unidentified smaller moths came to the sheet - same night and place as above...

3 assorted catocala moths from Bouquet Canyon, June, 2005, and a nice Viceroy from TN, July, 2005

This is Hesperia lindseyi from Sawmill Mt in June of 2005. A male (2 left images) and females (3 left images).

This unidentified tiger moth was taken at a UV light in Bouquet Canyon in June of 2005.

A Western Tailed Blue near the Devil's Punchbowl, 4-29-2005.

Neumoegen's Checkerspot in the Dead Mountains, 3-8-2005.

A "Chlorine" Blue, photographed in the Sierras, July 3rd, 2004

Greenish Blues, photographed in the Sierras, July 4th, 2004

Here is an assortment of moths found in the Santa Clarita area. Many have not been identified yet... (11-30-2005)

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